Professional Development Courses

Our courses have been carefully designed to provide content as well as practical suggestions for use in the classroom. Whether teachers need to “brush up” on core mathematical principles or expand their “repertoire” of literature, these courses encourage a fresh experience with the substance of what should be taught. But we don’t stop there. Every course offers creative ideas on how this content can be effectively and successfully conveyed to students. Every teacher who completes one of our courses should be encouraged and energized, equipped with a collection of new lessons ready to use in his or her classroom. And every course we teach is aligned with the new Common Core State Standards.

Our most popular courses include Lit 908: Poetry for Children, Lit 904: Children’s Literature, and ELA 913: Teaching Writing. Some teachers say ELA 915: Teaching Grammar in Context, has revolutionized their grammar instruction. Every course comes with inviting, motivating textbooks, outstanding resources teachers will want to use again and again. In mathematics, teachers have been especially enthusiastic about Mat 921: Teaching First Year Algebra, with its no-nonsense, concrete activities to help students adapt to the abstract demands of algebra. The Great Mathematicians courses (Mat 912 and 913) have been popular because they bring the human dimension of mathematics into the classroom. Mat 915: Recreational Mathematics is fun for all ages, and the interdisciplinary course, EDU 920: Using Literature to Teach Mathematics, has been very well-received.

Teachers have frequently praised our accessibility as instructors. We normally ship materials within 24 hours of registration, using priority mail to get packets across the country within three days. We respond to email messages several times a day and return phone calls promptly. And we process grading within 24 hours of receipt, sending email confirmation of grades.

Many persons enthusiastically report that our courses have revitalized their teaching, bringing new energy and confidence to their classrooms.

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